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Delisnack Liepaja

Delisnack Riga

Welcome to Fontaine Delisnack

Why locals love it?
Whether you're looking for a snack during the day or crawling out from an amazing party in near one of our restaurants, then Fontaine DeliSnack is nearby to meet even the biggest appetite. Fontaine DeliSnack is great if you're looking for a burger, pizza, wok, wraps, world dishes and much, much more.

Why you should visit it
Fontaine DeliSnack is everything but a typical fast food restaurant. The difference is hidden in many things. At Fontaine DeliSnack, you can always see your meal being prepared in our clean and friendly kitchens. No mass production, no cheap processes. And even if you went there constantly for a month, you'd still not be able to try every meal we offer.

Special tip
Fontaine DeliSnack is not a 3 burgers, 2 fries and 3 pizzas type of joint. There's at least 30 plus different, unique dishes for everyone.
Come give one of our restaurants a try and find out for yourself!